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Arron is fifth to be evicted from Big Brother 2012
Arron has become the fifth housemate to be evicted from Big...
Nick | Day -342

Arron has become the fifth housemate to be evicted from Big Brother 2012, while Deana, Becky and Conor have been saved by the public.

23-year-old Arron is a model and Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He is currently taking time off from competing to concentrate on modelling for the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister.

Arron’s looking to return to M.M.A after Big Brother. He’s mainly in it for the “glory” and loves being the centre of attention, “thousands of people watching the fight, coming out with your hand in the air… like being famous”.

During the lead-up to eviction night, Arron’s follow housemate, Conor was favorite to be booted out this evening.

He survived a total of 32 days in the house. During his time he sparked many arguments, mainly with Deana and Becky and will be best remembered for his short temper and walking around the house half naked for the majority of his stay.

When host Brian Dowling announced Arron’s name to the house, Arron yelled: “Yeah f**k off!” and hugged Conor who was visibly upset. On exiting the house he received a large amount of boos from the crowd.

During his interview with Brian, Arron said that he wasn’t bothered by the volume of boos he received during his exit from the house. He revealed that he thought Deana would have left instead of him and referred to the housemates that nominated him as “Backstabbers!”

Arron added: “I know I upset a few people but I was me in there, life is for living, I don’t have any regrets.”

[vimeo id="45336771" caption="Re-live the moment Arron was evicted from Big Brother 2012..."]

You can catch more reaction fom Arron on tonight’s Bit On The Side, from 11:30PM on Channel 5.

Do you think this was the right result? Will you miss Arron? Let us know below!

Who do you vote to SAVE from Wednesday's third CBB eviction?
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  1. MrTommiiee94 on 10:46pm July 6 '12

    Woah i would much rather connor to have gone tbh thets hope he walks out like he said he would then.

  2. Thanks for spoiling the result :angry:

  3. microsis on 10:49pm July 6 '12

    No that can’t be right ,,,Arron evicted
    :music: :music: :music:

  4. BBNut on 10:51pm July 6 '12

    Yes, thanks for totally spoiling the wait and I’m not happy with the result either :angry:

  5. im glad he has gone but it should have been connor

  6. Sally on 10:53pm July 6 '12

    It’s not been on yet?
    It is supposed to be live.

  7. Result show now ruined! Why is it not live?

  8. The green team must win the DR now otherwise it is going to be so unfair with noms, the blues will have two extra on their side…..Jules

  9. skippy1996 on 11:01pm July 6 '12

    Connor should of gone

  10. Biddy on 11:07pm July 6 '12

    Why do that when the result had not been shown
    not good !!!!!!!!!!! :devil:

  11. D3S1-J4TT on 11:07pm July 6 '12

    Absolute tosh… Well Connor got lucky this time around….

  12. all four should have been kicked out

  13. on 11:11pm July 6 '12

    If I didn’t know better I’d say it was a fix but know they have to have independent adjudicators. So annoyed with the result Connor will now say that ” DEANNA didn’t have the most results it was viewed like that for t.v” what a plonked get Connor out next PLEASE

  14. on 11:31pm July 6 '12

    Connor is acting like a little bitch trying to get more airtime & having the witches coldren swarming around him :angry: what next a bromance with Luke.S maybe what a cringe merchant :sleepy: Let’s hope B.B don’t give the greens their territory back now that Arrons gone!

  15. microsis on 11:32pm July 6 '12

    I can not believe what I have just watched ,,placards with Conor to win ,I am speechless
    :music: :music: :music:

  16. BruvFan on 11:45pm July 6 '12

    Absolutely appalled with the result. Yes I was one of the few people who liked Arron, but it’s not so much the fact that he left so much as the fact that Conor stayed, who the hell spends money to keep a person like that in? It only validates the way he has been behaving!

    Fifth perfectly good housemate in a row evicted. Nice job British public! :angry:

  17. Raykco on 11:55pm July 6 '12

    Hope the green’s now win the DR. If blue’s get control and are only ones to nom, Conor will probably escape being up next week.

    We need the green’s to win so he’ll probably be up for eviction.

  18. totaly wrong BECKY should have been out aaron an conor were cool :)

  19. Stephanie on 11:59pm July 6 '12

    do you know a site where i can watch tonight’s eviction please??

  20. northernmonkey on 12:13am July 7 '12

    I had a feeling he would stay, :c5: really didn’t want Connor to go yet, hey it’s obviously the Irish vote – I thought better of them.

    Ahh well, Arron is a tool, so glad the little creep went.

  21. microsis on 12:24am July 7 '12

    Thought this section of tonight’s BB was titled
    “Live eviction ” that was obviously not the case
    :music: :music: :music:

  22. I think Arran would have been different had Connor gone. It will be interesting now to see what happens. Green definetly need to win the DR, I wonder how they are going to sort that one out. We have Luke S, Connor, Shavonne, Ashleigh and Caroline definitely against the others at the moment. All in one team.

    Deanna has now gone up to the winners status, Lauren is 2nd, Luke A still holding the 3rd and then Adam. Time yet for it all to change. Jules

  23. Meant to have said Connor was upset because he would have heard the chants to get him out…..he wouldnt have liked the fact that Deanna received the top votes from the public. I doubt very much if he was upset at Arran going……after all he will see him again pretty soon.

  24. northernmonkey on 12:28am July 7 '12

    Let Connor stew for another week, haha his arse is twitching like a good un now.

    He is next, prolong the fools misery :smirk:

  25. DEBBYD on 12:42am July 7 '12

    :phone: VOTE FOR DEANA TO WINNNNNNNNNN :phone: :phone: :phone: :phone:

  26. rionablue on 12:44am July 7 '12

    Both Connor and Arran were horrible people but Conor should DEFINITELY have gone. i can only think that the Northern Irish vote saved Conor. I cannot UNDERSTAND why anyone would vote for him or be proud of him. He is gross, a bully and full of himself and I hope to GOD he is gone next week. And CAROLINE IS Turning into a proper bitch also!!!!!

  27. northernmonkey on 12:46am July 7 '12

    Is there a reason Arron is dressed like Paul Calf ? Haha his Cortina is waiting in the carpark. Fairy dice included :bigsmile:

    What a pillock, it will hurt him to know that he won’t be remembered as he has left to early.

  28. microsis on 1:34am July 7 '12

    We are now into the fifth week of BB
    and NO WALKERS can not recall the last time BB had got this far into a series without a walker , Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Conor didn’t walk ,,,,,that would be the easy way out for him the coward
    :music: :music: :music:

  29. Mary on 1:58am July 7 '12

    One of them had to go- get that awful worst housemate bully Conor out next week-then everythings good!

  30. lenyjr on 5:01am July 7 '12

    I was in 2 minds about today’s eviction. Very happy the final 2 were down to Conor and Arron. Conor is very much the bully and I wanted him to go but if Arron had stayed, he would probably have been worse in his spoiled little boy & “not caring” behavior, so it probably would have been more chaotic & unpredictable had he stayed. Conor staying could show an even worse side of him as he will stew & seethe and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had to be talked to by BB again, especially if the celebration by the others gets too OTT.

  31. JinksyKitten on 7:45am July 7 '12

    I am so glad that Arron has gone :yes: but I would of preferred Conor to have been evicted as he was the main trouble maker in the house. Sometimes it was so uncomfortable and it made me so angry :angry: when they picked on certain housemates.

  32. Conor should have left, Conor is such a f***** tramp! I was glad deana had the most votes, but Conor needs to either walk or be evicted next week

  33. Conor is convinced that Deana didnt get the most votes, he is deluded, he still thinks he’s the favourite.
    Didnt Bb say at the begining of the turf war task that the winning team are immune from being nominated this week,,,,well it looks like Conors team are going to win so we’ll have to put up with the bully for another week, lets hope that the other housemates grow a pair and stand up to him.

  34. jennyjuniper on 10:29am July 7 '12

    Conor should have gone, in fact he should have gone before the nominations. I certainly wouldn’t like to be in the house with this emotionally r******* buffoon. It doesn’t look good for the green team if they lose the diary room as Conor and Caroline will make sure Becky and Deana are up again, even though they know Deana won’t leave. Caroline(or Little Miss Piggy Eyes)has wanted Becky out since she came in and ‘stole’ her friend.Get over it you upper class twit!!

  35. Anybody heard anything about the DR task yet, cant wait to see how it pans out. If Blues win Luke A and Lauren are saying that Caroline is gunning for Adam, that means the others will follow her. They are talking about sabotaging it for the sake of Adam but BB is listening so they may be punished for chatting about the nominations. On the other hand it has been said that the witches are culminating together so they must be chatting noms. as well. Wonder if BB wil be fair or are they just going to stir the pot? Jules Not stopping so havent signed in as yet. lol…. Will be watching the links though as surely they have to do something today re DR.

  36. jennyjuniper on 1:48pm July 7 '12

    I caught a bit of the three witches (Caroline,Shievonne and Ashleigh) last night and I heard nominations mentioned, but they were huddled together and I couldn’t hear who said it. If BB punish Lauren and Luke A then the witches should be punished too.

  37. jennyjuniper on 1:52pm July 7 '12

    Please support a strike action (for letting that awful Conor stay in the first place) by NOT watching BB on one night (to be agreed between us) That’s the only way to hurt Chanel 5 and to show them we mean business,

    • sammyvan on 11:06am July 8 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Just tell me the date and I am with you 100%. Jenny. I cannot believe that :devil: is still in the house. What sort of people are voting for him? His displays of temper are frightening………… control. Emma keeps saying ‘he is being monitored’, but surely if they are having to watch him 24/7 he should not be there?
      We have to hit BB in the ratings and in the pocket.

      • jennyjuniper on 2:02pm July 8 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Hi Sammyvan, that’s exactly what I wrote on the BOTS page. Why would anyone want to be in the house with someone who HAD to be monitored?? As to the strike, what about Wednesday? It’s usually pretty boring mid week anyway. Please see if you can persuade some of the others to join us. :nod:

    • Biddy on 3:39pm July 8 '12

      Me too Jenny,,!00% behind you..,just name the day….!!
      Fed up with BB bending the rules to suit them…
      Conor should have been deposited out of the house last week!!!
      :music: :music: :music:

  38. Lisaxx on 3:08pm July 7 '12

    I’m confused that there were over 1, 000 complaints about Conor yet he was not evicted? Coincidental when he wasn’t removed from the house after the vile comments. Weird.

  39. BBNut on 3:34pm July 7 '12

    I’m also at a loss as to what the hell he is still doing in there ? :angry: Situations like this lead me to believe they rigged the vote and I am very interested to hear what the percentages were and also the viewing figures as I’m sure many tuned in for the same reason. I’d also like to know if he’s been spoken to and reprimanded for punching the house walls last night following Arron’s exit from the house? His temper and agressiveness was totally transparent last night and he’s still in the house, I’m speechless and I really thought c5 and the public were going to put an end to this fiasco once and for all. I’m still watching through gritted teeth, however, I won’t switch off due to Conor’s prescence even though I actually want to and feel I should. This series has been up and down and all over the place, c5 have totally disrespected the viewers in their view that it is, as Emma Willis put it last night, “An outstanding year for Big Brother” – maybe so, yet, everyone’s talking about it for the wrong reasons as usual, which is a terrible shame as apart from the Conor fiasco I do believe it’s an excellent series, best one in years.

  40. northernmonkey on 3:47pm July 7 '12

    I am happy enough that the little weasel has gone, it’s better to let Connor stew on it for another week.

    He had a temper tantrum last night, quite a weak man. He will be in a panic now, wondering what he has done wrong.

    We’ve got him just where we want him, his family or the Irish must’ve spent big to keep this bully boy in.

  41. northernmonkey on 3:51pm July 7 '12

    This site is f****d up, why does it keep opening a new window with advets ?.

    Can barely use it. F****ng sort it out.

    [mod by="Ben" text="Thanks for letting us know about this problem. A member of the design team will be checking this out today and will try to resolve it within the next 48 hours."]

    • Hiya Northernmoney

      Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the adverts. When you say it opens in a new window, what do you mean? Do you mean a new browser window, or do you mean a flash element grows when you hover over it?

      Would you like me to contact you via email so we can talk there about this issue?

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  42. Can someone tell me wot has Deana done to deserve fans?? Public are pouring out sympathy for her cz Conor ranted about her. Fine if u feel sorry for her but do not support her for being boring!!! Wot r u ppl doing? She is not genuine, it is all a show, she never lets her guard down. All for the cameras and very vain. Bring her down to earth….

  43. For the first ever UK Big Brother made I’ve been more than impressed. Hope theres more series’ in the pipeline.

    But what about Marcus? I thought he was gonna be evicted for sure. or Trudy? who else thought Trudy?

    MELONY FOR THE WIN! :love:
    :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    • sammyvan on 2:13pm July 8 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Will do. Probably kill me to miss – but ” all in the name of the game!”
      We have to hope that some of the members here will agree? Problem = how will those idiots at BB know the reason? They never bother with replies to emails.If their viewing figures suddenly drop off the scale they have to be made aware ‘why’. Couple of names here that keep appearing and they post a lot of sense too. Can we appeal to them? Lets have a scroll thru and see who to approach.
      Would TBB help in any way I wonder?
      This post should be in reply to Jenny – somehow jumped to the end???

  44. paulbad on 3:26pm July 8 '12

    Dunno what people see in Deana, a conniving, sly, vain self obsessed sneaky fake, but there you go, typical of forum muppets to eliminate funny genuine guys like Arron, but the public will get the last laugh, go Lauren. :cool:

  45. i don’t get this lauren, luke a and becky are the most minipulative backstabbers in the world are you people all thick? just becuse conor and arron say it outright it’s so much better than their sneaky behind the back bull shit. caroline or conor to win please don’t let them win thet’re obviously playing a game

  46. Shame, most entertaining housemate of the series went to early. Involved in a lot of confrontation and leaves at week 5 whilst Scott, Caroline, Ashleigh etc still carry on. Sara nominating Arron for moving a statue sums the majority of them up, just to serious. Well played Arron, got stuck in.

  47. Who watches this crap! Car crash tv for the not so smart

  48. :c5: No way i liked arron my mum works with arron ‘s cousin and said my son loves arron and does is front hair like him

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