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Arron and Chris steal pizza
Finding themselves alone in the kitchen, Arron and Chris decided...
| Day -364

Finding themselves alone in the kitchen, Arron and Chris decided to swipe a slice of pizza knowing it’s the last full day in the house for one of them.

A mischievous Chris told Arron he was tempted to take some pizza, and was only encouraged by his fellow nominee, who agreed to take a slice as well.

The pair quickly snuck into the store room where Chris said: “We didn’t have this. We didn’t have it! We don’t know who ate it.”

The boys chuckled together as they tucked into their extra pizza, knowing the other housemates would soon find out.

“Get rid of all the crumbs, don’t leave any evidence,” Chris warned before breaking into more laughter. “This is someone’s pizza! I won’t grass on you if you don’t grass on me.”

Arron agreed and and advised them to brush their teeth so nobody would smell the pizza.

Yesterday, Chris complained with Conor that Rebecca was greedy for “constantly eating”. Either he or Arron will be evicted from the house tomorrow night.

How will the other housemates react to the missing pizza?

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  1. i love arron, save arron <3

  2. i loveeeeeee arron come on every we must save him

  3. katie on 4:30pm June 14 '12

    After Chris’ fight with Becky last night, I really think that was the nail in the coffin.

  4. jennyjuniper on 4:31pm June 14 '12

    I really wish it could be a double eviction tomorrow, as neither of these slimeballs deserves to stay. And they can take Lydia with them. :angry:

    • sammyvan on 5:47pm June 14 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Could’nt agree more, Jenny. They are each as bad as the other. However I dont want Lydia to go just yet. She seems to set the others off and we are all too often guilty of sending home those that could possibly entertain us the most. I feel Lydia still has much to offer………we need someone to moan about!

      • Tombolian on 9:42pm June 14 '12
        MEMBER (174 COMMENTS)

        That’s it then… Aaron to go because he doesn’t moan enough :nod:
        It’s really a toss-up though. Watching the polls, it has swayed both directions immediately after each show Tuesday and Wednesday. It will depend on today’s edit as well as Friday’s… 1% is too close to call… I can’t believe it’s at 1% again… :speechless:

  5. lorna22 on 6:43pm June 14 '12

    OMG these two are the slyest pair of housemates ive ever seen wish the 2 of them could go chris is far to aggressive and arron is far to sly and sneeky….

  6. rionablue on 6:54pm June 14 '12

    Arron is a twit and he thinks he is the most fanciable guy in the house. I thought the conversation he had about what girls he fancied said it all ‘If there was nothing else involved cept sex he would have Sara!!!!! As if she would look at him. Im not mad about Chris but I hate Arron more. And Becky is grating on me. Behind all that giggling and running around is a very very sly housemate

  7. coxyy on 8:19pm June 14 '12

    Dont really like either of them ;) Chris gets angry so easly and Arron said he didnt mind going when BB told the house he was up for eviction so let him go ;p

  8. brains on 9:34pm June 14 '12

    Chris is better entertainment Has,nt anyone else seen through becky she is so false

  9. I’m just hoping that Chris go out. He’s a pain to watch.

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