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Adam wins a television in endurance task
Yesterday housemates were set an endurance task - 'Standing on the...
| Day -319

Yesterday housemates were set an endurance task – ‘Standing on the shoulders of prizes’ – in which Adam came out on top.

The task started with a secret mission for Adam, who in the diary room had to allocate prizes to each of the housemates.

In the garden, housemates discovered nine labelled boxes representing presents for each of them. The prizes up for grabs were on a board, but housemates were unaware which prize was in their box.

The housemate that manages to stand on their present the longest will get to win the prize inside. When housemates can stand it no longer, they must say their name followed by ‘is no longer present’. They can then open their present to see what they could have won.

Giving up first was Rebecca, who lost the chance to win £1000, and was shortly followed by Sara who could have won a mountain bike.

Claiming that “competitive behaviour is embarrassing”, Scott was third to quit, and in doing so lost out of flying lessons. Ashleigh was also glad to have given up after finding out her prize was a toilet brush. Conor was fifth to stop.

With just four housemates remaining, at 2.44am this morning, Luke S finally giving up, and was followed by Luke A 6 minutes later. Deana quit to finish second at 2.55am, meaning after almost 13 hours, Adam had won the task and a 50″ LED TV.

[vimeo id="46571970" caption="Watch Adam win the endurance task..."]

A competitive Luke S was clearly rattled after his loss when waking up today, claiming he let Adam win. He said: “I could buy any one of those prizes outside of the House.

“I just wanted to stay on longer than Luke A but I was starving. I just kept looking around and thinking I’m standing with three people I don’t like. I still think there was more to that task. It could be immunity but I think he knew what was in his box.”

[vimeo id="46571969" caption="Luke S has regrets about his loss to Adam..."]

Are you pleased Adam won the task?

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  1. very pleased for adam, however he should have put the £1k. in his box instead of tubbecka’s. Argos sell a 60inch LED for less than £1k.

    and please pull up you trousers Adam.

  2. jennyjuniper on 2:56pm July 29 '12

    Luke S has an excuse for every occasion doesn’t he. The big jessie.He and Conor like to appear tough, but they are both cowards who can’t confront real men. Luke A may not have had his operation yet, but he is more of a man than either of those two jessies will ever be.

    • sammyvan on 6:12pm July 29 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Jenny – never a truer word! The two ‘alpha’ males inside, bitching away how they “stepped down because they could’nt be bothered”!! Absolutely no guts – just hot air. Best choice of prize – Ash and the toilet brush! Brilliant.

      • jennyjuniper on 8:01am July 30 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Hi Sammyvan, did you watch BOTS last night? It was disgusting. The night before nominations and that awful Levine woman could have been a spokesperson for the insiders. She kept making snide remarks about the outsiders and said not a word about Conor and his gang. BB are not even being subtle about who their favourites are. Why not hand Conman the cash and we can all watch the Olympics!!

        • sammyvan on 1:48pm July 30 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          totally agree , Jenny- after Emma has presented quite a good show this year, that sycophant has dragged it back into the gutter, pandering to Caroline thru the entire show – especially when Caroline was saying what a gentleman Conor was [????] and Jamie East…… calling Conor and Luke S the “alpha males”, saying Luke A liked to make out he was a good guy????? Was last night the “Insider” show?? Absolute tripe.

  3. Sally on 3:11pm July 29 '12

    Yes well pleased for Adam.
    I would like to know his reasoning for putting £1000 in Beckys box.
    Was it just to wind her up :rofl:

    • yes, i am confused about that, he should have given her gym membership!

      but I guess you’re prob right. He knew (smart man that he is) she would run off to fill her gob, and then be gutted for losing a good prize.

      loved the loo brush for nastleigh – how apt.

    • dragon on 1:19am July 30 '12

      Adam obviously put 1,000 in her box because he knew she would not win. Very clever.

  4. jennyjuniper on 5:06pm July 29 '12

    This shows how much under bullying Conor’s influence Becky really is. She realised it was a nice thing that Adam did, but dared only to whisper it to Scott. Shame on you BB for allowing this ‘silent bullying’ to go on.

  5. So have BB told the housemates that Adam chose the prizes, if so they are setting him up to be nominated.

  6. Connor and Luke S were discusing noms on BB last night . So BB are they automatically up? Are their f and f allowed to nominate? Come on BB sort it out.

  7. AmericanCousin on 1:25am July 30 '12

    OMG, the scene of Ashleigh shaving Becky’s legs almost made me lose my lasagna and butter rum muffin :puke: :puke: I’m sorry, but her attitude makes her ugly and unlikeable but to top it off, her legs are disgusting. I don’t know why the mountain bike or gym membership wasn’t placed in her box. Not to be mean, but on some real sh!t. She is unhealthy and so young. :worried:

  8. Being a GAME, who cares what the prizes were, Deana, Luke, Luke and Adam were the only 4 who showed they were willing to work for something!

    Can’t believe the others talked so much trash about them for trying!!!

    Loved Adam confronting Conor, and Deana was surprisingly funny.

  9. jennyjuniper on 9:58am July 30 '12

    I agree JBETH, Deana is an incredibly strong woman, both mentally and physically. She’s the one who keeps her ‘soldiers’ spirits up, which when you think what she has had to endure from Conor and his gang, is no mean feat. Deana, Luke A and Adam all deserve to be in the final, not least because apart from a couple of bitching sessions (which let’s face it they have been driven to) they have tried to treat the other housemates with respect, even when they have had no respect shown to them.

    • sammyvan on 1:53pm July 30 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      And yet on that ghastly excuse of a show last night with Alice [ wish she would get lost ] they said that Luke A’s remark about Becky and her weight problem was the bitchiest thing said this series!!! Are they living in the same world – and watching the same program? No wonder Alice says she does not read the forums…..her ears must be burning! Please Emma, get well soon.

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