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Adam tells Lydia to stop nominations moaning
Adam warned Lydia last night that she is starting to annoy him by...
| Day -366

Adam warned Lydia last night that she is starting to annoy him by continued complaining about nominations.

During a conversaion in the living area, the former L.A. gang member told Lydia: “If you continue with this ‘I’m going to be up again this week’, it will annoy me. If it happens all the time, ‘I’m playing this card again’, I will have a problem.”

Lydia argued that she was not playing a card, but was instead voicing her stress.

“I understand what you’re saying though,” she said. “It could be annoying. But if you can’t voice how you feel, what you can do? I can internalise it. I can do that.”

Adam asked her not to get upset, but Lydia insisted: “I’m not upset with you, but you’re in a different position to me. Your place in the house is great. I’m trying to tell you that this is what people are thinking. There is a consensus.”

“If there was a game, I’m not playing a very good one. Do you think this is how my family want to see me,” she added before storming off.

Do think Adam made a fair comment?

Big Brother continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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  1. rionablue on 7:35pm June 12 '12

    I like Adam he seems level headed and nice to the others. Lydia is nothing but a moaning silly woman. WHY did she go into BB? I havent seen her crack ONE smile since she went in. The no laughing task should be a doddle for her. I wish I wish she had been up and out this week. Get her out when she’s up pleeeeeeassssssse ppl!!!!

  2. kels on 8:51pm June 12 '12

    :tongueout: well i just cant understand how none of the other housemates can see how 2 faced lydias being..and does she EVER stop moaning jeez louise!!..get over urself girl. shes gotta go

  3. Toropop on 3:52am June 13 '12

    I hope Lydia is out next, too. I’m tired of her whinging and trying to make everything about her.

    She’s a sad little girl, with a sad little life, dating someone who no one even knows.

  4. I’m loving Adam and I agree totally with him Lydia is a pain!! She is two faced and has been ever since she entered the house. Please get her out next :nod:

  5. :speechless i think Lydia need to stop talking about nominations, as it will put us all off watching bb, so i want her out next!! :

  6. Jules on 8:14pm June 13 '12

    I like Lydia but I do like Adam and he had the right to say what he thinks, it may be for her own good in the end.

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