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Adam comes in 2nd place
Adam is the runner-up of Big Brother 2012 and narrowly misses out...
Alec | Day -304

Adam is the runner-up of Big Brother 2012 and narrowly misses out on the £50,000 prize fund.

The 27-year-old American was an L.A. gang member in his youth, but has since turned his life around and is now a drugs mentor here in the UK.

He claims not to have seen Big Brother before entering this year’s show, but this didn’t hurt his chances of making it into the final two.

During the series, Adam was a key member of the ‘outsiders’ group, and admitted to being attracted to close friend in the house Lauren.

Speaking to Brian Dowling following his eviction, Adam insisted he had no problem finishing as runner-up to best mate and “brother” Luke A.

Would you have liked to have seen Adam go one step further and win?

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  1. on 10:06pm August 13 '12

    Such a gentleman !

  2. suprised :shake: unbelivable

  3. brokenangel on 10:10pm August 13 '12

    What a worthy runner up. I still loves him :)

  4. Very pleased the two friends Adam and Luke A were the final two… this is a silly 90 minute final though, didn’t even get to speak to the runner up properly :/

    BACKING TO WIN: Sam JOINED: 11/04/2011
    • Jules on 10:34pm August 13 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Wasnt he brilliant though, he was so grateful at coming 2nd. Love him to bits. I do wish him all the luck in the world.

      Well done Luke I am equally pleased for you as well and I love your friendship with Adam. Happy Anniversary lad.

    • Yes i agree Joseph ….should have been alot longer….
      Everyone should have had the same time being interviewed…
      Felt Adam drew the short straw,,seemed to have the least time…but love the friendship he and Luke A have…………
      :music: :music: :music:

  5. Sally on 10:30pm August 13 '12

    Great guy deserved to win.

  6. Well done Adam…you too were amazing…. :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 10:37pm August 13 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Love them both, they were both so brilliant. The joy at the three being the three was also so great to watch. Didnt like Deanna’s reception and interview though tbh.

      Take care Biddy and all, thanks for chatting for this BB will see you on CBB.

      A great final but I expected Deanna to win tbh.

  7. Jules on 10:40pm August 13 '12

    Would love to have seen Adam win as I have backed and loved him all the way but I am equally pleased that it was Luke A. We mustnt forget that Adam will get 5,000 as I have no doubt at all that it will be paid.

  8. northernmonkey on 10:48pm August 13 '12

    Well done Adam, you laughed and smiled more than any other housemate.

  9. Orchid333 on 5:16am August 14 '12

    I am so so pleased at the result of the BB final. Other than the bad losers being shown how gutted they obviously were. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: However, if any of the 3 outsiders had won, it would have been a good result.

    I would love it if in the future there was some kind of cookery programme with Luke A and Adam and even Deanna showing some sort of humour. I think that they would all do well.

    :music: :music: :music:

  10. rhero on 10:26am August 14 '12

    a total class act
    well done Adam, you should be very proud :yes:

  11. poppy44 on 5:15pm August 15 '12

    Adam your my winner from start to finish :star:

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