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Adam, Ashleigh, Deana, Scott nominated for eviction
The result of the final round of nominations is in, and it will be...
Alec | Day -311

The result of the final round of nominations is in, and it will be Adam, Ashleigh, Deana and Scott who face the public vote this week.

The housemates nominated for the last time today, and either Adam, Ashleigh, Deana or Scott will be evicted from the house just three days before the final next Monday.

There is speculation that Friday could be a double eviction, but this has not been confirmed yet.

Luke S was immune after he received a pass to the final during last week’s White Room task. As Sara and Luke A were not nominated, these three are guaranteed a shot at the £50,000 prize fund.

Voting lines have opened (Facebook voting is no longer available), and details for the vote to save as well as full terms and conditions can be found on the Channel 5 website here.

Let us know your thoughts on the result below!

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  1. Biddy on 4:39pm August 6 '12

    Have just seen this…oh dear…not who i expected to be up or who i hoped would be up…..
    Think Ashleigh is a definite goner , but not sure who else ,,,could be Scott….
    Doesn’t look as though BB have done anything about the nomination talk again, or nothing of any significance as per usual..useless!!!!

    :music: :music: :music:

    • sammyvan on 4:46pm August 6 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Bit late now don’t you think, Biddy, for them to show any guts at all? They have let the HM’s get away with anything the whole series, so I guess its easier to just turn a blind eye, pretend it never happened. Whoever produces this show needs a swift kick up the posterior, and to be shown the door.

  2. owen0912 on 4:47pm August 6 '12

    Well ashleigh is defo a gonner
    Deana saved
    Adam and Scott hmmm either of them could go with ashleigh if it is a double eviction
    thats what i think

    LUKE A TO WIN! :)

  3. BBNut on 4:50pm August 6 '12

    Yes, Conor and Luke S were blatantly discussing nominations in the white room and in great detail! Did it not count due to the position they are in? One rule for one and all that! Ashleigh is definitely a goner and if it is a double I’d say Scott. For Deana to fall at the final hurdle now would be awful. I want all three soldiers in the final, they all deserve their place there, but for me, Deana is the winner. Give her a gold medal as well as the depleted prize fund, the girl has earnt it! :clapping:

  4. Bye bye Ashleigh… go and suck up to Conor for some of that £50K

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  5. Robynbrid556 on 4:54pm August 6 '12

    Ashleigh to go! shocked about Scott being up :surprised: Happy that Luke A is not up :bigsmile:

  6. Biddy on 5:05pm August 6 '12

    I was hoping Sara would be up….but i want to see Adam and Deana in the final with Luke A….
    Oh dear this is worrying……
    :music: :music: :music:

    • BBNut on 5:23pm August 6 '12

      I wanted Sara to be up too! Took a disliking to her quickly after she came alive and her relentless heckling of Deana. Sara is not as nice as she makes out and talks garbage most of the time, making no sense whatsoever and I’m done with the voice :lipssealed: Everyone obviously still believes she is wonderful and genuine, only Deana knows otherwise. Hopefully, she will be the second evictee and follow Luke S out of the final (who shouldn’t be there). Deana, Luke A and Adam have to be the final three. Scott must leave with Ashleigh on friday and take his darn fence with him!! :rofl:

  7. For once I hope that it is only one to go because it has to be Ashleigh, I quite like scott but if its a double I think he will go. BB havent punished them for noms talk then….. what a surprise, had it been the other way round who knows what they would have done!!

  8. rionablue on 5:19pm August 6 '12

    Fantastic that Sara and Luke A arent up. All you Sara dislikers might NOW know that she has been popular all series with the housemates and has also survived eviction. She more than deserves her place in the final and Im so glad I have been her constant supporter. I hope the people who dont like her in here might finally accept the girl got to the final without any gameplan or maliciousness she was herself, she liked everyone and even if she had a problem with anyone she talked to them about it. I want her to win but if she doesnt Luke A or Deana would be a pretty worthy winner. I think Ashleigh and Adam will be gone Friday

    • you are actually an example of why sara has the BEST gameplan, because so many people think she doesn’t. She started off quiet and looked out to see who were the house favorites, when Deana got saved by the public and it was told that she had the most votes she quickly became Deana’s “best friend.” Have you ever seen someone flip so fast? If someone wasn’t playing the game they wouldn’t be so cautious of what they said like when Adam asked her who she voted for she was hesistant and scared to say because of fear of losing votes. She tries to come off educated and knowledgeable about politics so shes more than the pretty girl, but couldn’t answer a simple question. And she got very defensive when Deana asked her if she turned on Caroline because the public didnt like her. Sara has the BEST gameplay in the house because its not obvious to viewers at all. The person in the house with NO gameplay is Ashleigh and then maybe Scott.

      • I’m glad someone else sees Sara for what she is. You described her to a T :-)

        • Ii totally disagree. I agree with rionablue. Sara is a genuine girl maybe not the brightest intelligence wise but definitely a worthy finalists. I am not gullible and I would definitely see a gameplan. I have seen many in the past that other housemates down through the years have had although many people said they didnt have gameplans. I seriously think Sara has done Scotland and herself proud and no Im not Scottish. Well observed about Sara rionablue

    • owen0912 on 6:20pm August 6 '12

      i absolutley agree with you there RIONABLUE im glad sars isnt up aswell she has been a good housemate throughout this seires

    • Orchid333 on 11:40pm August 6 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      RIONABLUE. If Sara was herself as you argue ,why does she not remember that in her audition VT she could not remember saying her party trick was to strip? I don’t dislike her but I don’t think that she is a worthy winner. And she hesitated when asked if she would go topless for £10,000. Have you watched all of BB this series? :yawn:

      Luke A to win :star:

      :music: :music: :music:

      • rionablue on 12:54am August 7 '12
        MEMBER (3792 COMMENTS)

        Ive watched every bit of it and I have also read all your posts Orchid and 90 per cent of them are saying bad things about Sara. None of the housemates tonight had much recollection of what they had said in their audition tapes. They looked a bit embarrassed and rightfully so. If you have watched other series of BB most housemates that get selected have been bragging about things in their audition tapes that arent really true but they just want to get into the house. So dont just pick on Sara. St Lauren has done the lads mag just the minute she was out of the house. Sara would probably consider it also and I wouldnt hold that against her. She is a model after all.

  9. jennyjuniper on 5:19pm August 6 '12

    I really hope the three soldiers will be together at the final. Ashleigh should have gone ages ago, she is charmless, spiteful and nasty (just the right friend for Conor to have) I like Scott, although he has played both sides like a good un, still I would have prefered him to Sara.

    • sammyvan on 5:27pm August 6 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Be a bit uncomfortable for Lukeass to be there in the finals with Adam, Deana and Luke A! Sar will continue to float till the end. Can you imagine the evicted ‘Insiders’ as they watch the final, probably asking themselves how they got it so wrong!!

    • Sally on 5:53pm August 7 '12
      MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

      Jenny I will be so happy to see Deana and Adam in the final with Luke A.
      Do you think when Ashleigh looks back on the VTs she will try to change her ways.
      oh dear I hope she doesn’t win.

  10. Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting this? Really do hope Deana, Adam & Luke A are in the finals. According to a few people, it has not been confirmed yet for a double eviction. Ashleigh is definitely gone, but I don’t want to see Scott, Deana or Adam to go. Being put in a situation like that, as I stated just then, I hope the outsiders are in the final. After the b*ullshxt they’ve been through. So Ashleigh; yes, Scotts’ time may have come. We can’t really call it on this one between the rest.

  11. brains on 5:23pm August 6 '12

    has there been a week when deana hasnt been ? up i say stick with her dont let her down now, and dont forget it may be a double, it must be if there is only five for the final.scots ok but i think adam deserves to be there

  12. Shocked that BB has, again, allowed noms talk and done nothing about it. So wish it was Trashleigh and her ‘boyfriend’ up so we could get rid of both of them.

  13. Glad Luke A isn’t up for once, pheew.

    Sara should have been up.

    Ashleigh and Scott will go hopefully.

    Luke A to win :evilgrin:

    • microsis on 7:25pm August 6 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Yes me too KATYCARROT :whew:
      Congratulation lukeA and Sara you are now in the final

      I think after Friday nights eviction the lines will open for us to then vote for our winner of BB13

      There will be just 3 days left for us to vote

      :music: :music: :music:

    • Sara definitely SHOULD NOT have been up. I like Scott but he has bitched alot and it was a no brainer that Ashleigh would be up. Of the three outsiders I like Luke A the most so delighted hes not up and Sara is my favourite housemate so well happy now.

  14. BBFANDEBS on 5:40pm August 6 '12

    Please Dear eviction God, let it be Ashleigh and Scott. Ashleigh so that she can see just how little Luke S cared throughout the whole series and what a liar he was. Scott because he has floated like an iceberg with a sponge attached, soaking up all the juicy bits and pieces. Plus we never got to see why he was warned, BB has been such a letdown this year.

    Bring back the live feeds so that the viewing public can see for themselves what the housemates are like, without the heavy controlled editing. :yes:

  15. northernmonkey on 5:41pm August 6 '12

    Hopefully Ashleigh will go. I don’t overmind Scott but if it’s a double I would prefer him to go over Deana.

    I think I want Adam to win, he has laughed more than anyone else and probably bitched less too.

    He doesn’t seem to hold a grudge either, he has turned his life around and doesn’t like to see others upset – even those he isn’t overly keen on.

  16. 5169paul on 5:47pm August 6 '12

    get that horrible ashleigh out and come to think of it send deana with her shes become a real madam and getting quite vicious with it. shes really really changed sinced the money to win was reduced. she thinks shes the leader of the house but she will fail at the final hurdle. i know i will get some stick from other people but come on scott has never been bad to anyones face and adam is playing a clever game he cannot even clean the loo when hes done a number 2. very shocked sara is not up for the nomination incident and even more shocked that luke a was not nominated. hes now the bookies favourite and so he should be,he went in there to prove something to himself and in my eyes he has. ready for the onslaughter lets have it quick

    • Biddy on 6:17pm August 6 '12

      Deana is just giving a bit back of what she has had to endure from the insiders ,,,and they don’t like it,,,well tough!!!
      And excuse me but Becky admitted it was she who left the loo dirty and then had the audacity to blame Adam !!
      Don’t care who goes as long as Adam, Deana and Luke A are in the final,,they deserve it more than anyone after enduring the wroth of those vile insiders all these weeks…
      :music: :music: :music:

    • Sara didnt deserve to be put up and she isnt. Obviously the outsiders like her the best of the other gang and with good reason. I want Ashleigh and Adam out though I dont mind if Scott is evicted either. Luke A and Sara to be the top 2

  17. jennyjuniper on 5:47pm August 6 '12

    The only reason I am glad that Sara is still there, is to give Ashleigh something to wonder about (as she was obviously wondering when Luke S and Sara were in the white room)!! :evilgrin: :evilgrin: But so long as Adam, Deana and Luke A are at the final together I don’t care who else goes.

  18. Ashleigh to go and then I think it has to be Scott.
    I’ve found him entertaining at times,comments when Sara left the white room a good example but he did have a couple of warnings from BB about his racist comments.

  19. big bro on 5:59pm August 6 '12

    get ashleigh out first then deana scot luke s luke a and adam and sara to win

  20. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: I really hope Deana goes! She proved what a spiteful, vindictive person she really is by going on and on at Luke S the way she did.Adam Luke and Sara all appeared really uncomfortable with the way she acted.I don,t really have a favourite this series as they have all made it hard in their own way,s to like them

  21. Orchid333 on 6:05pm August 6 '12

    If it is a double, then Ashleigh and Scott to go. I would rather Sara go, but she is not up. BB, you have “turned a blind eye” to talking about nominations AGAIN!!!!! I can’t stop watching this series even though I am so cross and want to BUT, THIS THE LAST YEAR THAT I WILL WATCH IT. It is BB “who decide” not us paying public.

    Luke A to win :phone:

    • ORCHID pleeeeeeeeeeeeease give Sara a break. She is in the final. End of!!!!!!!

      • yeahyeahyeah on 9:00pm August 6 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        I have to agree with Orchid here. While I don’t particularly care much for Sara either, what bothers me more is that BB seems very fly by night this year. Yes, they can change the rules at any time okay, but they are not even announcing they are changing the rules, they are not even changing the rules…they are just ignoring some while randomly abiding by others, and it’s very confusing to figure out what the heck is going on. And it makes for a very uninteresting show. :/

      • Orchid333 on 10:49pm August 6 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        KITTYGREEN. Hope I have not upset you too much and I have missed your comments of late. My comment was only because Ashleigh, Sara and Luke S were clearly talking about nominations today and if you look at previous comments I have made about Sara, I have said that she is not nearly as bad as a lot of housemates who have already gone and I stand by that. :yes:

        By the way, why have you chosen your user name as KITTYGREEN? Is it because you like cats?

        Sorry KITTYGREEN but Luke A to win. :handshake:

  22. yeahyeahyeah on 6:15pm August 6 '12

    Can someone confirm that it is indeed a double this Friday? The show is only an hour long, so they would get through it pretty quick if it is one. Maybe they will gloss over the daily highlights straight to the eviction interviews if the house has been quiet in the last few days.
    I am pretty sure Scott is going to go over Ashleigh; this is the first time he’s faced the public vote, and I don’t think he has been much of a memorable character. Whereas, even though I find Ashleigh unbearable, she has been a character in the house and has definitely had some unforgettable moments.
    I’m a little worried for Adam though. Just because out of the three outsiders left in the house, he seems to have the least support from the public. Deana supporters have to do the 2:1 voting plan to keep him in. 2 for Deana, 1 for Adam! :rofl: Team Outsiders FTW!

  23. Sally on 7:06pm August 6 '12

    If this Friday is the last of the evictions before the final. Then Sara and Luke A will be in the final. There is something wrong with that. Has anyone any comments on this? :wondering:

  24. luke s will be there as well. Dont think Deena should be there, hope she leaves after Ashleigh,she hs gone too big for her boots now, and feel like she thinks she is the winner. Luke a to win.

  25. bbnut shut ur fucking gob scotts done nothing wrong . Get gobby ashleigh and pevy adam out

  26. str-8-edge on 8:04pm August 6 '12


  27. microsis on 8:33pm August 6 '12

    Ashleigh /deana /LukeS are all dressed up with no where to go
    They have just been told that they won’t be attending tonight’s party ,,due to a rule break
    :music: :music: :music:

  28. yeahyeahyeah on 9:12pm August 6 '12

    My guess…It’s going to be a single eviction this week, probably Scott will go, and then the day before the final they will boot one more HM out at the last minute, just like they did last year with Tom…because BB producers have no new ideas in their brains. Ermm….sorry, I’m a little bitter about this season. :worried:

    • Biddy on 9:24pm August 6 '12

      Yes i think we are all bitter,,,not been a very fair series..
      BB have been too leniant and biased,,spoilt it for everyone…
      But i think you will find it is a double eviction this week..
      :music: :music: :music:

  29. str-8-edge on 9:53pm August 6 '12


  30. Bibby they said on bbots its not being conthermed yet

  31. rbdeschamp on 1:56am August 7 '12

    Hmmm, i actually like this. i think Ashleigh is gonna go, and if it is a double Adam or Scott are the most vulnerable I think. I hope Deana is safe and i hope she takes the gold! Glad Sara and Luke A are in the final! I hope the Adam and Deana join their fellow soldier and their ally! I actually hope it is a normal eviction because I only want Ashleigh to go. :/

  32. AmericanCousin on 3:16am August 7 '12

    Ideally, I’m hoping for Ashleigh and if it is a double, I’m torn between Scott and Deana. I know for sure that I don’t want Adam to go. Deana, potentially because she is doing the most now. I don’t like her attitude. She needs to eat a slice or two of humble pie and stop acting above it all.

  33. your a bit more friendly on this website. than Facebook. Deana to win. Ashleigh is a sert to go. if its 2. I would say scoot. cant see Adam going

  34. i wont deana 2 go. But it will ashleigh any luck its a double and adam and deana would go but no it will just b ashleigh that will go.

  35. What a VILE, VILE thing you are Trashleigh.

    I had just sat down with my Coffee and toast to watch last nights BB and IT appears on my screen, mouth full of food discussing the fact that she left Lukes UNDERARM HAIR :puke: :puke: on the table.I was nearly sick. You 2 deserve each other, who lays on a sofa in front of everyone in the house letting his “bit of rough”, and you are a bit of ROUGH shear their underarms, you are both so VILE.
    Then its on my screen again watching everyones VT, again mouth full of food, laughing and talking, how rude and gross, do you really think its attractive to talk with so much food in your mouth, your parents did an amazing job of teaching you manners, i bet Luke’s mum is praying he doesnt bring you home for Sunday Lunch.
    She says she “aint no f—ing Chav” Oh yes you are, oh yes you are.

  36. I’m still laughing about Connor saying “Deana disgusting to look as compared to you Ash! Your natural”

    • :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
      I forgot about that one that is hilarious,

      Just seen Trashleigh cleaning the Gusset of her knickers with a Toothbrush, she is one classy girl,,,, NOT,
      VILE VILE VILE :puke: :puke: :puke:

      • And please stop with the stupid noises, as they said on BBOTS Trash sounds like a puppy, except puppies are cute, not a word i would chose to describe this VILE thing.

  37. Get deana OUT……she is a total pain in the a**e!!!!!!

  38. Confused on 8:55am August 7 '12

    If I lived in such a filthy house and watched 2 housemates lounge around the pool, laughing as I scrubbed the floor and cleaned up their mess, I would not feel sad if they were evicted. Just saying. Ash clearly needs to go, but others are not saints.

  39. Get Ashleigh out!

  40. I wish BB would stop physically leaving Adam out of the FB clips especially when he’s speaking. I’ve noticed this is happening more and more and also during the main show, while Luke A is plastered everywhere, Adam is getting left out of shot even when he’s doing the talking. Scott’s also getting a leg up with the lastest task and then a party geared towards him, plus lots of positive FB clips and mentions. Adam’s staring to get a bum deal I feel.

  41. Still not liking Deana. Last night when she was too lazy to help with the cleaning then started on Ashleigh when she set fire to her toast. Sorry to say I would have gone for her if I was stuck in that house with her. She may have servants at home but no excuse.
    So I now want Ashleigh and deana to go Friday.

  42. Orchid333 on 2:15pm August 7 '12

    Ashleigh has got to go – she is driving me crazy with that horrible voice. :puke: On BB last night she had the nerve to say in the diary room of Deanna – “She is twenty FREE years old and she doesn’t know how to make toast. It was pure black” Ashleigh, the toaster should have popped the toast up when ready. She can’t cook and has admitted it and she didn’t even know that an egg came from a chicken. :nerd:

    Ashleigh continued to rant on about Deanna in the DR saying “SHE FINKS” 4 times. Learn to speak properly Ashleigh. Luke S and Ashleigh are probably suited to each other. He needs to learn how to speak properly. Going on and on about losing the £50,000 he kept referring to it as – “FOUSANDS” :doh:

    Luke A to win :love: If not Adam :love:

  43. Orchid333 on 2:21pm August 7 '12

    Is anyone supporting Luke S or Ashleigh to win? :wondering: If they are, I haven’t seen any of it.

    I think that Ashleigh will be out next and as soon as the public can vote when it is the final, Luke S will be out first. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

    Luke A to win :star: :love:

    I am voting to save Adam this week :bigsmile:

  44. karenlink on 4:51pm August 7 '12

    ashliegh will go on friday. i want scott to go if its a double. panicking now because im afraid it might be adam. i hope not.will be voting for him as much as i can. id like to see the outsiders as the final 3, but fear if deanna gets any cockier, it may well be her downfall.adam for the win. please guys, pick up your phone and vote for adam

    • Orchid333 on 5:39pm August 7 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Hi KARENLINK. i want Luke A to win but if not then Adam to win so I am voting this week to save him. :phone: :bigsmile: They have made a pact with each other that if they win, they will give £5,000 to the other. I sincerely believe that they will be true to their word because they seem very genuine likeable guys :bigsmile: .
      :music: :music: :music:

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