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Adam, Ashleigh and Becky spill their confessions
As part of the confessions task, Big Brother is calling housemates...
Alec | Day -319

As part of the confessions task, Big Brother is calling housemates into the Diary Room one by one in alphabetical order.

First up to give their confessions to Big Brother is Adam. Adam’s started his confession with the famous religious citation of “Forgive me Big Brother for I have sinned…”

Adam’s confessions were lusting over evicted housemate Lauren aswell as stealing tobacco from the house reserve.

Up next to offer her confession was Ashleigh. Ashleigh confessed to using brutal words to other housemates. Claiming she was “not bitchy at all”, Ashleigh claims she has been brutal to Luke S, Lauren and Deana. She also said that she felt guilty about being bitchy.

Becky was next to spill her confessions. Becky admitted to grouping gay housemate Scott. She admitted to squeezing his bum, front parts and ‘thrusting’ his face into her boobs.

[vimeo id="46576634" caption="Watch the three housemates confess in part one of this task..."]

Full details of this task can be read here.

What do you make of the confessions so far? Also lookout for Big Brother’s silhouette in the video above!

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  1. Ashleigh’s confession was so FAKE! :dull:

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    • sammyvan on 6:29pm July 29 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      And I bet the first thing she does/did after leaving the diary room is have another bitch! – about how fake the other HM’s are.

      • She is only saying this cause she got booed on Friday night, yet when caroline said why are you getting booed she said she didnt F***ing care what the public think yet was crying in the diary room saying why was I booed, this was after she told Luke S that he was to blaim for her getting booed WTF trashleigh I want her gone next grrrrrr she makes me sooooooo angry

  2. Wonder if Conor will confess what he said he would do to Deana, if so please show it on the plasma screen BB, oh no you wont do that unless one of the outsiders spills all will you. I expect this is to undermine the outsiders again, By the way CONOR and LUKE S were discussing noms again, what are you going to do???????

    • Im so glad you picked up on it too, I was waiting for punishment to be dished out for the discussing about Nominations yet Im STILL waiting there mentioned it twice grrrrrr sort this out big brother as I seriously debating wether I guna continue watching this show

  3. on 6:47pm July 29 '12

    I do so hope that the outsiders don’t fall into B.Bs trap & say something derogatory about insiders, it’s obvious B.B will use it against them.

    Why are Connor & Luke.S allowed to talk about nominations without punishement & the others can’t ?

  4. karl_downey on 7:17pm July 29 '12

    Who’s silhouette is that on the other side of the confession box? :)

  5. 5169paul on 7:45pm July 29 '12

    ive got an awful feeling that all the OUTSIDERS are gonna be up. if bb is using this confessions as a way of forgiving them then its phoney,is it true that the friends and parents are gonna nominate what a cop out bb doesnt want conner out.i hate this series its never oince been up to the public to vote to evict because conner caroline and ashleigh would have long been gone and luke s,COME ON BB THOSE TWO CONNER AND LUKE S HAVE BEEN INFLUENCING NOMINATIONS EVER SINCE THAT WITCH LEFT. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PUT THEM AUTOMATICALLY UP THIS WEEK DARE YOU BB.

    • microsis on 10:26am July 30 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I would hope that the families and friends of the hms do the right thing and nominate Conor for his disgusting rant towards Deana

      But having the advantage of knowing who is popular on the outside they might go for Deana Adam and Luke. A ,
      Leaving the way clear for their love ones to win

      I think the latter what do you think
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Doubt it. Conners mum has been defending her wee boy so she’s likely to nominate Deana! There is a saying that an apple doesn’t fall too far from a tree so don’t bank on families of these horrid people being decent people. Luke S and Conner should have no F&F noms as they spoke about noms again and their F&F know who to vote for.
        BB this is an old idea why not have the evicted housemates nominate? Shiv and aaron both changed their views once outside.
        BOTS was so biased last night Caroline was being portrayed as a saint and allowed to attack outsiders unchallenged.
        Bet either Luke S or Conner get a free pass to the finals along with Becky who has had a complete personality transplant since entering the house.

        • I agree with you Janice R. How Caroline stated that Ashleigh & Conor are nice people but outsiders are so ‘manipulative’ and make them look ‘bad’. THEY DO THAT THEMSELVES. Caroline needs to get into her head that, you can’t pull on over on the public. Besides, the outsiders don’t even go into the diary room and say ‘shit’. They speak the truth. Also the Deana thing with the psychiatrist, she doesn’t ‘rule’ it. They all have their fair share of the group, and they have each others backs. Unlike the insiders, who are all backstabbers. Caroline is definitely no saint, she is a horrible person with no manners what so ever.

          • I agree with you she has not apologised for what she said about adam and said that she has no intentions of doing it as she sees nothing wrong with what she has said, shes regrets nothing grrrrr i hope that she dwindles away from the spot light as she doesn’t deserve it

  6. str-8-edge on 3:30am July 30 '12


  7. Robin on 5:48am July 30 '12

    So happy that C is gone – she really turned my stomach – hope that Becky is next – all she wants to do is please the insider boys who also – I’m sure – can’t wait for her to go as well.
    Other than stealing a bit of tobacky what do the outdsiders have to confess? – they are the ‘good guys’ right?


  8. jennyjuniper on 7:48am July 30 '12

    I thought Adam was great last night in the way he confronted Conor whilst on the boxes. And he did it in a reasonable way. Why therefore in BOTS did that awful Levine woman constantly make snide remarks about the outsiders, while not saying a word about the insiders bad behaviour? and this just the night before nominations. Come on BB if you are going to favour the insiders, at least be subytle about it. Did I just say IF? :angry: :angry:

  9. brains on 9:20am July 30 '12

    did anyone confess to stealing the wine cos when they drank it on their own what was that if not taking from your other hms

    • jennyjuniper on 9:46am July 30 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Oh yes, I forgot about that. Seems like BB has forgotten too. They also seem to have ‘missed’ the nominations talk between Conman and Luke S last night.
      By the way, Deana is spot on in her observations. She said if food had been delivered Conman would come out and eat it in front of them, lo and behold he did…the wanker.

  10. I think when people were insulting Alice for treating Caroline like a goddess was abit uncalled for. I’m not saying that I don’t agree, because she shouldn’t be kissing up to her. However, it’s not fair as they’re paid to interview, not harass the evictee’s. But after last night’s bbbots, I changed my opinion. Alice Levine clearly supports the insiders, you can see it through her. I thought she was being nice to Caroline because she had to be, but last night, definitely proved me wrong. The guests were messed up in the head, I swear, they get paid to say things on behalf of the evictee (i.e. Caroline). I honestly prefer Emma, I’m not saying I am a big fan, but Emma doesn’t condone this bullying as she clearly stated in an interview she wants Luke A & Adam to win. I think Alice is way in over her head, I just hope Emma is there for Friday (if an insider goes) so she can spill some truths instead of licking the evictee’s buttocks, like Alice did. Worst presenter by far. You need to get someone like Davina back!

  11. northernmonkey on 2:01pm July 30 '12

    I never watch BBBOTS when that Alice whatshername is presenting, I can’t stand how smug and condescending she is.

    Find her very fake, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but her presenting style is copied off somebody else.

  12. jennyjuniper on 2:31pm July 30 '12

    If Emma is unavailable I don’t see why Jamie East couldn’t present it himself. At least he’s more amusing than po faced Levine.

  13. Whole show totally biased towards the mob DISGRACEFUL. And Caroline you are not outspoken you are two faced i.e. a coward. Whenever you are confronted you visibly shrivel or giggle like a child because you cannot back up your hideous comments. You could not even answer Lauren but are very good at slagging off people who are not there to defend themselves, because, you are a coward just as the rest of your gang are.

  14. Yayah on 4:12pm July 30 '12

    I couldn’t agree more with all these comments about Alice Levine. She is clearly an ‘insider’ as her little remarks gives it away. She can not present what so ever, what ‘@Hiiiya’ said, I think they do get given a significant amount of money to give a biased opinion on the insiders. That’s why I barely watched BBBOTS this week, Alice is very delusional.

  15. yeahyeahyeah on 4:21pm July 30 '12

    I loved it when Jamie told Caroline to fuck off the other night while he was taking phone calls! He clearly wanted her far away from him. And he was also very abrupt with her last night while he was asking her about why she hated the pub quiz. He was like “yeah, you’re lazy and that’s why you’re not a HM anymore.” Go Jamie! :rofl:

  16. i just hope all the nasties r up i.e. Conner, Ashleigh, Becky, Luke S, and get at least another one of them out hope f f dont vote mostly for the outsiders the good guys i wont b able to stand it and i think conner and luke S SHOULD B PUT UP ANYWAY for talking about noms again have you missed this BB come on you do see everything get with the programme.So angry so many of the insiders are still in :angry:

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