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16 Housemates wave goodbye to their Summer
The Big Brother housemates have been loaded in to one of Britain's...
Nick | Day -373

The Big Brother housemates have been loaded in to one of Britain’s most famous houses – leaving behind all connectivity between the outside world, their families and social media networks.

16 strong and individual characters all with one aim – TO WIN – will be set challenges, tasks and be put through their paces over the next few months all fighting to become the holder of a prize fund worth £100,000.

Big Brother will ensure these guys won’t know what’s hit them! They’ll be able to spend warm days in the pool and cooler days in the hot tub, while tasks will be thrown left, right and center.

We have everything from a 20-year-old Criminology and Sociology student, to a 23-year-old model and Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

Also, we have a current Miss India UK, a 41-year-old Plus Size Model, a 28-year-old ex-Playboy Bunny, a 20-year-old former boarding school girl plus a 20-year-old bubbly, energetic, potty-mouthed Essex Girl, and many more.

Big Brother also mixed a twist together this evening, when Deana, the first housemate to enter the house was given a challenge to nominate three housemates live, she also won immunity from this weeks eviction. Deana opted for Conor, Lydia and Victoria – these housemates will face the public vote and one of them will be evicted on Friday.

In a second twist, three ‘wildcard’ housemates are up against each-other, with only one space left to fill the house. It’s between larger than life 19-year-old Rebecca, 33-year-old writer, model and actor, Anthony and a 30-year-old hospital receptionist, Bhavesh.

The public hold the power of choosing which ‘wildcard’ option will gain housemate status by voting for free via Twitter. Results will be revealed during Friday night’s show.

After a wild launch night, the first eviction will take place on Friday 8th June, only three days after the batch entered the house.

We’ve put together a full housemate page, with all fantastical statistical information and bio’s for you to cast your beady eyes on.

Let us know what you think of this year’s line-up by posting your comments below!

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  1. Fab line up! One of the stronger lots in recent years without a doubt.

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
    • BigBrotherLover on 1:28am June 6 '12

      Couldn’t agree more. A diverse and interesting mix this year and it seems to be off to a great start already with the claws coming out within the first hour. I think this might be a great year and we’ve been waiting for it haven’t we.

  2. do you have a bigger version of the group picture above please

  3. coxyy on 12:45am June 6 '12

    Theres some good ones, but i’m going to wait till tomorrow nights episode before i decided on who is good and bad ;)

  4. bigbroaddict on 12:58am June 6 '12

    ready for the fun and bitchiness to commence lol

    thank god for big brother

  5. karl_downey on 1:22am June 6 '12

    Not the greatest line up! one of the worst since 2009! I just hope they were shy on launch night, hence why they didn’t do much.

    How comes there’s no weirdo this year? :( or crazy bouncy person?

    A few of them are ok, but many of them are just wallpaper e.g Aaron, many of the girls. A lot of the girls come across as the same person.

    BUT… it’s only Day 01 so there’s still plenty to come, hopefully! :)

    • The crazy person will come in the form of the wildcard :bigsmile: I would like Rebecca to go in.

      Arron reminds me of sweaty Bobby from CBB9 :sweating: :puke:

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  6. Raykco on 2:11am June 6 '12

    They seem an OK bunch, but as they say “first impressions can be deceiving”.

    Chris seemed to quickly become a favourite, but judging by what I’ve read, he’s already causing trouble.

    Expecting viewers to vote to eject someone, before we’ve had a chance to see them properly in the house, is ridiculous.

    More about making money than providing entertainment.

  7. I agree with you carl.First impression dont promise god season.Too ordinary person.why they just but good loking person here again. Wild card housemate are lot more intresting persons

  8. Avatar of

    Interesting line-up! Look forward to seeing them on tonight’s episode, then I’ll decide on what I really think of this year’s lot :D

  9. yes but we need livefeed its crap with out livefeed how are we going to get to know them :no: :angry:

  10. Louiza on 11:56am June 6 '12

    Underwhelmed so far. No stand out housemates on launch night. Time will tell…..? Hope BB has some good tasks this year, which may just bring out the best in some of the housemates.

  11. Sally on 4:09pm June 6 '12

    Its going to take at least a week to see what the Housemates are like. To night will be highlights of last nights launch. How can any one make a positive judgement to evict some one.I wont be voting. :shake:

  12. Ya’ll dont know my brov, hes gonna put it down for LA (even though hes english lol no offense). We are all so proud of him.
    He went home to England last year to handle buisness and now he’s on big brother!!!
    When he said he was gonna be a boss, we all laughed our asses off here in the states….. “these people have no idea” was the major comment….
    Enjoy watching my homeboy do his thing folks!!!

  13. BBNut on 7:26pm June 6 '12

    Agree with most regarding last night’s launch twist, absolutely ridiculous and totally pointless. Already this year the lack of live coverage completely spoils the show. We can’t get to know the housemates from reading their bio’s or from 40 second clips it’s just stupid! I also will not be voting at all this year and i think everyone should do the same. The housemates don’t seem too bad but what is the point when the whole concept to learn about them is taken away?? :no: :angry:

  14. BBNut on 7:33pm June 6 '12

    Bit On the Side is also still a pile of cack and a waste of time. Money must be tight after furnishing a lavish house as they haven’t even altered the set apart from the backdrop scene! 10 second (if that) ‘exclusive’ clips live from the house..oh please do not insult the viewers further! The launch night figures do not surprise me, tell an obvious story and watch them plummet from this point onwards…disappointed so far :sadsmile: Rebecca wildcard will be a welcome addition and may lift the show so i hope she get’s voted in, she is someone i would really like to watch but 45 minutes just isn’t enough. Why don’t they do away with unnecessary presenters and their wages and spend it on live coverage?

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