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  1. Avatar of TOMCAT

    this group looks interesting so far,,well done channel 5,,,for making a real go with bb

    BACKING TO WIN: In Hiding JOINED: 06/06/2013
  2. Are you kidding me..
    Here we go again with someone playing the race card
    They should be warning the girl who accused the girl of being a racist not the the other way round
    The girl jemima was in no way being racist .she simply stated in a sentence that she preferred dark guys not black.just as she did she didn’t mean white
    Absolutely shocking big brother gave her a warning
    It’s like saying I prefer girls who ate Irish not English or scottish it doesn’t make me anti axis or enlist does it.
    I’m angry folks as the this girl Tina knew exactly what sene as doing.and does not help the genuine people who suffer racism which I categorically am against

  3. Avatar of Leatia

    I honestly hope gina gets kicked out she is a disgrace and could get a lot of people in trouble for no reason like last night shocking

    BACKING TO WIN: Dan JOINED: 18/06/2013
  4. I think its disgusting the way u have treated wolfy its a disgrace handing out an award for bn the least attractive n least hygenic u shud never have put that on tv who do u think u r that is a very hurtfull thing making someone cry u shud b ashamed of urself u r not one bit funny everyone is disgusted at u u need to get ur act 2gether I feel so sorry for her.

  5. gina has nothing to loose,shes happy go lucky with her life.she is who she is. Why does her domesticality bother the house mates,she hasnt boasted her privalidge. And yep it doesnt seem much too others people that do thaer. And they havent tried

  6. Are the twins related to “callum” off of neighbours ??? They look SO alike.

  7. ~Get woolfie out. She is showing her true colours now. Where’s all the love???? the housemates will be really surprised when they watch the series back. She really us stirring it up by going from one to the other back biting. She seems to be full of her own importance – how deluded can you get.

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 17/06/2013
  8. how dare u put dale n her hazel hurts me say her name I was absolutely heartbroke when I saw his girlfriend how much pain do u want to put that poor girl through. I cannot believe this is being done lines should been drawn enough is enough hazel a little homewrecker n I cannot conceive people will allow this I am disgusted to think that people can sit n see his girlfriend in bits then put them in a safe house am angry upset I would hate that done to me empathy what is wrong with people how would you like to be sat in daleys girlfriends place with what they are doing she is wrong n he wants give his head a wobble his girlfriend is absolutely beautiful

  9. Really don’t like Jackie why did no1 stand up for cal I wud of I’d say as if he wud want u as a mother inlaw he was sticking up for his self she’s got no idea what aggressive is she’s just a nasty old bag I’d so love an argument with that I’d win hands down I hate dex aswell what a minger errrrrrrrrrr

  10. Me again love Gina

  11. All these women that dexter has,are they desperate?,charlie is very anoying,sophie brings nothing 2 the house we rather watch paint dry,dan does nothing but stirr! Very 2 faced!,Hazel & dex have the biggest game plan!,

    THINK EVERYBODY SHOULD LEAVE CALLUM ALONE: we r no big lovers of callum but think he’s been made a joke of,in the house & outside,he was never in this love triangle,& he’s ment 2 b this freak. The rest of the house should take a long look at them-selfs,atleast he is been nasty & 2 faced like the rest of the house!

    Glad jackie left, she didn’t half, make callum look like a fool, Pickin on him trying 2 turn the house mates on him, like grow up jackie!


  12. What is it about the presenters of BB? AJ is just shouting everything she says which is so annoying that I can only watch her for first bit of any show. And why is Ean anywhere near this show, he is just so negative ( in his presumed funny way, not funny). The people who should have more airtime are th epsychologists! They are good!
    I have been fan of big brother for years and changing the presenters has not made me happy since Davina left.
    Rylan, hmm, another world all together, but at least makes it somehow entertaining but him andAJ together ar cringing !!!

  13. Big brother is a fix definetly no way should hazel still be in there definetly not watching any more

  14. Big brother is a fix definetly no way should hazel still be in there definetly not watching any more

  15. How the hell can hazel still be in there no way this is definetly something not right with this big brother are keeping her in for a reason because of all the negativity outside they keeping her in I don’t want to watch anymore her and dexter and goin to be so cockey now

  16. Sonia Kruger, what have you done to your top teeth??? : /

  17. I am feeling so sorry for Charlie. It seems like she is being bullied. I really think friends and family have been tactical in their votes, and Charlie is such a favourite and could win, of course they will vote for her. I have followed the show and Charlie is clearly lovely without a bad bone in her body. Hazel is being agressive again, which is a shame as she is supposed to be good friends with Charlie. Gina…well, what can I say, I am so surprised! I have voted her to win all the way through, but now, having seen her today, ganging up on Charlie:-( I am not voting for Gina to win now as I think some true colours have been revealed. Hang in there Charlie – it must be hell being victimised and I cannot believe no one has twigged that perhaps she is being voted for as she is may win it! Go Charlie – you’ve got my vote from now on. X

  18. Please get shut of the male presenter tonight and bring back Rylan!

    He is awful.

  19. After watching and reading daily feeds I think both Andy and Spencer are hiding feelings that they probably didnt think they had until they return home and watch the show. Andy it appears to me has come out the closet in more ways than he wanted his students to know. His remarks have been horrible especially regarding children. Mr Professor. And tonight (9-11-13) another negative remark from Spencer regarding Maya Angelou??? Why so much hatred? This is a game. This group has turned the Game into Filth, Vulgar, Racist horrible Viewing that I hope will be acknowledge ON AIR! The Finale needs to be extended this year to TWO HOURS! Let the Fans who enjoy the Show see that CBS does not Reward for Bad Behaviour. From A very disappointed Fan of the Big Brother or should I say Big Bigots Show!!!!

  20. I Love Dappy :love:

  21. i feel that lea is out of control and at the beginning looking back at how his mother laughed at some of the things he said I feel he has not had good guidence

  22. linda Nolan is an evil bitch and needs to get her big head out of her ass

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